Compliments From Parents…WE thank you!

Yelp Reviews…thank you so much parents!  I am honored to serve your family! 

10/28/15 Preschool Parent

My daughter started going to her first school at 18 months at Ms. Kellis House. I checked out a lot of different places and first of all I picked this school because it was recommended, it was very clean compared to other places that grossed me out. Part of the reason why it’s clean is I like that they put the kids to work/learn by in the summer time they get to take toys and chairs outside and clean them with soapy water play time. The director/owner are awesome to talk to. My daughter did cry at first and her teachers did a great job comforting her. She is always happy when picked up. My daughter is now 3 and she has learned so much. I like that they do little field trips for preschool and pre k. The staff here work very hard, very organized, communication is good keeping everyone on the same page. It’s definitely been worth it for us with a only child because our daughter has learned about sharing and having friends. Our daughters personality has really opened up. This has been great for us to experience what it will be like when she starts going to public school with field trips, picture days, open houses and festivals because she’s really going to school at Ms. Kellis House.


As a grandmother I love picking the kiddos up at Miss Kelli’s House.  The kiddos are so engaged and the staff is wonderful.

8/18/15 Infant Parent

We had to unexpectedly put our 3 month old son in daycare when his sitter became ill. The transition was very sudden and difficult but Ms. Kelli and her staff helped with this transition. The staff are awesome and seem to truly care about our son. He is now 8 months old and enjoys going to daycare. He lights up when he sees the staff and his friends. We feel very comfortable leaving him at Ms. Kelli’s House and would not go anywhere else. This is a daycare worth looking at if you are needing childcare!

8/15/15 Infant and Toddler Parent

My daughter has been enrolled part time since May of 2014 when she was an infant. The directors and teachers have all been AMAZING to work with. She’s grown and learned so much with her teachers. She’s not quite two but already knows many of her colors and can identify shapes. She’s eager to come to school and many days doesn’t want to leave. I did a lot of research before choosing someplace for her to attend and since I’m also an early childhood educator I was also pretty picky! Ms. Kelli’s House continues to a great choice and I can’t wait until her younger brother can begin attending.

8/14/15  Early Preschool Parent

I can’t speak highly enough of Ms. Kelli’s House! The staff are friendly, caring and positive. Our children have only been there a short time, however, they are so comfortable, happy and loved. I know when leaving my children in their hands, they are learning, are well taken care of, and are truly enjoying their time there. I couldn’t be more pleased with this center! It is an absolute must visit if you are looking for a place that will treat your children as their own.

8/27/15 Toddler & Early Preschool Parent

My youngest is 15 months old and it’s a testament to the staff that he waddles right over to them in the mornings and waves goodbye to me for the day without tears. Whenever I pick up my boys in the afternoon they’re happy and smiling and engaged. We’re happy to have found this place.

8/14/15 Early Preschool Parent

My twins started at Ms. Kellie’s House this past May. I was nervous about the transition because my son has some difficulties with speech but the twins have both done exceptionally well. The teachers are kind and caring and have done a wonderful job of selecting activities that build skills while keeping the children engaged. Both of my children love attending the preschool. I would highly recommend the program.

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