Curriculum and Activities



At MKH, the goal is to encourage and develop critical thinkers that are socially and emotionally prepared to continue their journey into the large world of Kindergarten.

We provide a wide range of activities to cultivate a desire to create, research, think, engage, and interact.  The students participate in activities that capture their ideas through creative learning centers such as art, science, math and manipulatives, blocks and builders, home-living and dramatic play, listening, writing, academic apps on an iPad, music and library.

The students participate in structured learning both self directed and teacher lead.  The goal is to reach the highest amount of potential in a positive,respectable way by using developmental milestones as an observation tool and to make a plan for each child’s success.

Extracurricular Activities

The center offers extracurricular activities that allow our parents and community to become involved in a fun and supportive manner.

If you look at the school schedule, you will enjoy book fairs, fall fiesta potlucks with carnival type games, parade and parties, spring picnics and more.